Antminer S17 Versus the Antminer S17 Pro

Bitmain recently released their new ASIC miners lineup for 2019 and one of them is the Antminer S17. This miner is considered their top product for this season of release. The antminer S17 has 2 versions, the S17 and the S17 Pro, so what are their differences? that is what we are going to talk about on this topic.

Bitmain is not new in releasing variants of their products, just like their older products before, the S15, which also has two versions. We will post their detailed specification of each products here.

In terms of looks, the s17 and s17 pro are actually identical, the housing, the fan, power supply and etc are all the same, as well as the weight and size.

in terms of specification, this is something that will matter and separate them from one another.

So, what are their main differences? first is the hash power production, the S17 Pro can produce 56 TH/s while the S17 can competetively produce 53 TH/s. What about the power consumption? An amazing feature of these rigs are they have adjustable power consumptions, but of course, the hashrate also goes down as it matches the power that is currently set at the moment. The S17 has two modes which are called “Low Power” and “Normal”, in normal mode, the s17 consumes 1470W to 2100W and produces 35 to 50 TH/s. The S17 Pro has 3 modes which are called “low power”, “normal” and “turbo”. Setting the antminer pro on low power will make the rig consume 1296W to 1728W and produce 38 to 48 TH/s, on normal mode this rig can produce 56 TH/s while eating 2212Watts and in turbo mode, the s17 pro consumes 2520 to 2790 watts and can produce 56 to 62 TH/s. WOW! right?.

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