Best cryptocurrency ASIC chips of 2019

Best crypto ASIC chips of 2019

What is an ASIC chip? An ASIC or Application specific integrated circuit is the heart of any crypto ASIC mining machine, it is a microchip designed to do a specific work such as solving cryptocurrencies. As years passed, cryptocurrency mining difficulty also arise, these factors make the asic manufacturers to improve as well, making them produce more powerful asic chips that produce higher hash rate and less power consumption. There are different asic mining chips used on various asic mining machines today depending on the brand, algorithm and etc. Popular asic mining chip processors used today are 10nm, 7nm and 5nm, these are basically their sizes, experts and manufacturers simply stated that the smaller the chip is, the less power it consumes. But, these factors also depend on the actual machine, as asic miner machines have different structures, different power supplies, number of chips and other hardware that may affect the power consumption of the miner, so an asic miner that is equipped with 7nm may not be more powerful and more efficient that machines with 10nm. we will give some examples about this topic on this article.

10nm chips

These chips can be found in Ebang’s Ebit e11++, innosilicon terminator 3.  Ebang’s Ebit E11++ can produce 44th/s with the power consumption of 1980W.

7nm chips.

Bitmain antminer s15, antminer s17. The Antminer S15 from bitmain, it can produce 28 th/s and consumes 1596W of electricity.

5nm chips

GMX R1-C, GMO miner and canaan avalon miner. The GMX R1-C of gominer, a machine that produces 44 th/s wth the power consumption of 1650W.

To sum it all up, an asic miner equipped with 10nm chips like the Ebit e11++ can be more profitable than the antminer which is equipped with a 7nm mining chips. So, when buying an asic mining rig, you must check the full specification of the product, specially its hashrate production, power consumption, and availability as the best miner rankings change over the time so make sure to research before buying an asic mining rig.

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