Best Cryptocurrency wallets as of 2019

First of all, there are 2 kinds of cryptocurrency wallets, the cold and hot.

Cold wallet is a type of cryptocurrency wallet that isn’t connected or needed an internet connection, an example of these are the crypto wallet devices, these devices are highly secured because your coins are stored on your physical device and not connected to the internet, unhackable.

Hot wallet is a wallet connected to the internet such as mobile applications or desktop applications, therefore, it is exposed on phishing and hacking, so your funds are less secured than cold wallet, the good thing about hot wallets are you have a faster access on your funds because it is already on your device connected to the internet.

So, Cryptocurrency wallet devices are the physical device where you can store your cryptocurrency coins, you must connect this device to computer to use it. These devices are very useful, convenient and secure if you are going to store your coins rather than putting it on a hot wallet.

Ledger Nano S

One of the cheapest crypto-wallet available with a screen made by ledger, a well known company in terms of cryptocurrency security. Costs 60 USD. Definitely a good choice.

Ledger Nano X

This wallet is the newest product of Ledger, the first crypto wallet that has Bluetooth. An upside with this device is it can be connected on iOS devices and are far more secured with the Nano X application.

Trezor one

Trezor made the first hardware wallet in the world in the year of 2014. A thumb sized device that offer secure bitcoin storage.

Trezor T

This wallet is the second generation of the trezor One. One of the most popular crypto cold storage available in the market.


This device is the second crypto wallet that has a screen like the ledger Nano, this is what makes it better than ledger devices.

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