Bitmain’s latest ASIC miners of 2019

The newest asic miner of bitmain, the antminer s17 pro 56 th/s. In the month of April, year 2019, Bitmain announced their latest asic miners, the 17 series, this includes the antminer T17, Antminer S17 and Anminer S17 pro. So, what are the special features about these machines and make them unique? These babies are equipped with 2nd generation BM1397 7nm mining chips which are obviously more powerful and energy efficient than 10nm mining chips, they say that the smaller the chip is the more power efficient it is.

The antminer T17 is the entry level of bitmain’s 17 series, even though being an entry level, this guy can produce 40th/s hash rate and consumes 2200Watts, not bad for the price of $1052 right? And if we are talking about its weight, this guy is a little heavier and noisier than its ancestors because it weighs 11.5kgs and produces 80db of noise.

Antminer S17, this machine has 2 versions, the Antminer S17-56 and Antminer S17-53, so what are their differences? The answer is right there on their name, the antminer s17-56 produces 56TH/s and consumes 2100W and costs $1689 while the Antminer S17-53 produces 53 TH/s and also consumes 2100W and costs $1600, so the difference is the price and hashrate, 89 dollars and 3 TH/s,  it’s not much but if you look at it on the long term, it may make a difference, you be the judge. The antminer S17 features 2 mining modes, the normal mode and turbo mode that controls the power efficiency of the mining rig, the normal mode operates at 42 J/TH while turbo mode operates at 45 J/TH.

The antminer S17 Pro series, this miner also have 2 versions, the antminer S17 PRO 56 that produces 56 TH/s and consumes 2100W costs $1878 and the antminer S17 PRO 53 that produces 53Th/s that consumes the same power consumption of 2100W costs $1779, these beasts weighs a little lighter than T17 but will definitely bring you more income than all these 3 miners. The S17 Pro also has different mining modes like the antminer s17, Turbo mode, normal mode and low power mode. Turbo mode operates at power efficiency of 45 J/TH while the normal mode operates at 39.5 J/TH and the low power operates at 36 J/TH.

Bitmain created different ASIC machines for different type of miners so you may choose the best asic miner that suits your budget. Antminer 17 series are currently sold out and will be shipped by august of 2019, so people who didn’t have the chance to buy on bitmain’s website may expect to purchase on other third-party stores on late 2019 depending on your country and location.

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