Futurebit, The American ASIC miner

Futurebit, a new american blockchain company from brooklyn that manufactures and distributes ASIC miners recently released a mining rig called the futurebit apollo. This rig is considered the world’s first asic miner that has a built in Wi-Fi and the device that can produce the highest scrypt algorithm. This miner is home friendly as this miner is very quiet and very compact.


  • Compact Stand-alone Pod Style Miner (4x6x4in)
  • Very wide range of operation modes with preset ECO (quiet) mode and TURBO mode. 
  • 100-135+ MH/s of Scrypt performance per miner (+/- 5%)
  • Industry leading 1W/MH in ECO mode, and 1.4W/MH for TURBO (100-200 watts***)
  • Powered by a fully integrated Quad-Core A7 ARM based controller
  • First miner to be fully controlled over wifi, only cable needed is power! (this will be a Beta feature on launch..backup ethernet port is available as well). 
  • Clocks and Voltage is fully customizable by user with easy to use interface (no more pots!)
  • Industry leading 97% efficiency 12v power-stage, with 27 ASIC chips powered in a 3×9 parallel/serial power arrangement  
  • Custom designed cold forged hexagonal pin heatsink with leading thermal performance for the quietest ASIC miner in operation!
  • 2k-6k PWM High Static Pressure Dual Ball Bearing Fan with automatic thermal management with onboard temperature sensor
  • Controlled via local connection on a web browser similar to antminers. You can simply set it up via smartphone browser. No crazy driver installs, hard to use miner software or scripts needed.
  • Two Six Pin PCIE power connectors for wide-range of power draw (only one is needed in ECO mode)
  • Custom Designed Acrylic and Aluminum case
  • New future platform features including full-node/peer to peer fully decentralize mining, full stand-alone solo mining, cloud/app based controls and more in development. 

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