GMX R1-C of Gominer Company

GMX R1-C, The latest ASIC Miner of Gominer Company


Gominer is a token based cloud mining company from Ottawa, Canada that offers blockchain services and Cryptocurrency hardware products that is based on Canada. This company has good reputation ever since I have heard of this company in 2017, from my own research, this company have been mining cryptocurrency before but they don’t offer their services to the public until today. According to some bloggers from Canada, Gominer services are firm and their services are stable as of now. Lately, Gominer company announced their first ASIC mining rig and it really looks and sounds amazing. In this review, we will talk about the information that we got about this machine.  

GMX R1-C Specification Table


RELEASEAugust 2019
SIZE365 x 146 x 175mm
Other Functions: Manual Algorithm selection
Automatic Algorithm selection
Hardware Upgradable Surveillance API
Operation Detection
Temperature Sensor
Hashrate Optimization Overclock
Daisy Chain Ethernet
Hash Bridge

What makes the Gominer GMX R1-C stand out on other ASIC miners?

The Gominer GMX R1-C is the first ASIC miner that uses carbon fiber for a housing, to make it lighter and produce less sound, that’s why the GMX R1-C only produce 60db of noise compared to other same sized ASIC miners that produce 75 decibels of noise and weighs almost 8KG above. What’s amazing about this badass is, it is a multi-miner, meaning, it can mine different altcoins at the same time and you can also select a single algorithm and mine a single coin. GMX R1-C can produce 48 TH/s and only consumes 1650W. This ASIC is equipped with the latest 5nm mining chip which makes it powerful and super power efficient. Buying GMX R1-C includes a 80+ rating power supply that makes this rig more power efficient. This bad boy costs 1260 at pre-selling price and costs 2100 USD after pre selling. You can check their website at

GMX R1-C V.S. Other ASIC Miners

Hardware and software features of GMX R1-C

  • Carbon Fiber housing- This Feature helps in durability, noise production, and weight reduction, and looks great.
  • 5nm ASIC chip – This helps in overall performance of the asic miner such as power consumption, hashrate production and etc.
  • 80 plus rating power supply – This PSU makes your mining power efficient.
  • Daisy Chain – This feature makes you save a huge amount of network hardware costs for over 3000%.
  • Gominer Hashbridge – This feature helps in mining efficiency, you may use this feature when 5 GMX R1-Cs are connected.

Here is a first glimpse of their asic miner:

Please note that information posted on this blog are based on our own research. Specifications may change without prior notice. If you are affiliated in Gominer and find that our information are wrong, please contact us.

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5 Thoughts to “GMX R1-C of Gominer Company”

  1. MarkyLoid

    Actually this mining rigs is really amaze me. I hope i can order it ASAP while the bitcoin is on its peak, The only question here is if there’s a limit of kind of crypto that it can mine? Estimated RIO? thanks for response!

  2. james

    Oh.. this is so cool… the gominer has a carbon fiber body… Wow and it can produce 48TH/s. This kind of asic is one of a kind. When it will be on the market ? I am so exited for this product. As of now the bitcon is going up crazy. Hope to purchase this ASAP.. Thanks for this review.

  3. Salman

    looks great, on first thoughts, i’ve been thinking about getting the antminer s17s because it can produce 56 th/s but consumes waaaayy to much electricity, i think it consumes 3000Watts or something, but this rig can produce 48 th/s and only consumes 1650W, if you sum it up, this rig is more profitable, now i’m having seconds thoughts on buying the s17. can you give us more info and review on gominer gmx r1-c?

  4. Colin baker

    I am about to buy an Antminer rig, but it gives me second thought when i saw this monster rig, so practical mate, and my question when it will be available mate? i cant wait to have one.

    1. james

      Hey is this for real? The GMX R1-C is available already on pre sale? Yes Colin baker the newest and the first Carbon fiber body. I want one of this. And i read the specs of this product. i was shock what just i notice! powerful but power server and it can mine 40TH/s. Wow it is so amazing.

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