Gominer Promo Code Giveaway

Gominer Cloud Mining Company recently posted on their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter that they will be giving away Promo Codes / Vouchers.

What are these promo codes are for?

Every promo codes has an equivalent value like cash and hashpower. There will be only 1 winner of 500 USD worth of BTC and multiple winners of hashpower.

What are these hashpowers are for?

Basically, you may use these hashpower to mine cryptocurrencies on Gominer that can be converted into cash. You may earn 10% of these hashpower a day if you use them for mining. In short, it is basically, free investment or free money.

How can i participate on their promo?

You can participate on this promo in Facebook and twitter only. The mechanics on each platform are different from each other. Here are the mechanics for both platforms.

These are the mechanics on Facebook:

  • First, you have to like their Facebook page
  • Second, mention at least 5 of your friends on the comment section of their Promo Post.
  • Third, Share their Promo Post on your wall.
  • Fourth, Your Facebook account should have a minimum of 50 friends to avoid spammers
  • Final, Send the screenshot proving that you shared the post and send it to Gominer Facebook page.

The winners will be announced by Raffle by Facebook Live on September 20, 2019 and they will be notified through their Facebook Messenger.

These are the mechanics on Twitter:

  • First, Participants must have at least 50 followers to join the promo
  • Second, Follow their twitter page
  • Third, like and retweet their post with the comments #gominer #bitcoin #cryptocurrency
  • Fourth, comment the screenshot that proves that you retweeted the post
  • Last is, send them the screenshot to prove that you shared the post.

The winners on twitter will be announced by Gominer by tweet.

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