Gominer Services Review

What is Gominer?

This company offers cryptocurrency investments in the form of services such as bitcoin cloud mining and mining other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Dashcoin and more. The company has been established by a group of people who are pioneer investors of cryptocurrency in 2017.

According to articles, reviews, blogs, and people from Canada, this company has been mining cryptocurrencies for a long time but they did not offer services to the public until now, the company also confirmed this statement and stated that they have to make their system perfect thats why they did a huge amount of research and testing to prevent malfunctions and unwanted problems.

Today, this company offers their services to the public making the people of cryptocurrency industry thankful because they now have a trusted company that they can rely on. People are having doubts investing online because there are so many companies available today that are not legitimate.


This company offers not only cloud mining service but multiple services where you can earn such as in:

  1. Staking – This method will give you a FIXED amount of profit a day for 14 days.
  2. Exchange – This platform is soon to be released after the last token selling round of Gominer
  3. Cloud Mining – This is the most common service where you can gain cryptocurrency coins.
  4. Referral / Bounty– You can earn cryptocurrency by referring investors on Gominer

1. Staking

Gominer offers staking system where token holders may invest their token and they will receive an amount of 2% of their invested tokens a day that can be claimed after 14 days. Keep in mind that you can only claim your investment and your profit after 14 days, this is how all staking system works.

Here is a detailed explanation about this system. Lets say that you are an investor and you are going to invest 1000 tokens. Everyday, you will earn 2% of 1000 tokens which 20 tokens. So 20 x 14 = 280, meaning you will receive 280 tokens after 14 days.

2. Exchange

After the last round of token selling, Gominer will release their exchange platform so token holders may sell their own tokens for the price they want on this platform. This will give all token holders an advantage to earn depending on the price they sell their tokens.

New investors can only buy tokens from the exchange platform because the company will not sell any tokens after the last token selling round. Token holders who bought tokens at the lowest price have a greatest advantage to earn more when using this system.

For example, you bought a token for 10 dollars, you can sell it for 40 dollars on the exchange and you may earn 30 dollars. It actually depends on you how much you will sell each token.

3. Cloud Mining

This is the basic service of this company, they offer multi-crypto cloud mining service, meaning you are going to mine multiple coins in one go. The company uses their own developed ASIC miner that can mine different cryptocurrencies at the same time like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more.

An estimate of your profits can be seen on their website’s calculator. Upon checking it, we discovered that you may earn up to 10% of your investment everyday for 14 days because of the free electricity fee and it will reduced to 1-3% after 14 days and until your contract expires because an electricity fee will be deducted on your earnings.

4. Referral / Bounty

Gominer gives a chance for people who want to earn without investing by referral system. This also applies on investors. They will receive a reward by referring investors on Gominer.

However, we dont have a detailed information on how much you will earn by using this system. We will update you as soon as we gathered information about their referral / bounty system.

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