Hashing24 User Comments

What is hashing24?

hashing24 is a cloud mining company that has multiple data centers in Canada, Norway, Iceland and Georgia, the company is one of the biggest customer of bitfury due to hashing24 are using bitfury asic miners for their cloud mining service.

Hashing24 provides their costumers with:

  • mined coins will be automatically deposited on your balance
  • you will only recieve newly mined coins
  • miners will have an access or data centers boasting for more than 200 PH/s

User’s Comments

we gathered comments of their users from different trust websites such as bittrust.org and trustpilot.

According to a user named Jillian Charmaine, he mentioned on bittrust that:

After reading a review of hashing24 (https://cryptorival.com/miners/hashing24/), I went ahead and tried it out and while it may take a little while to get a point of breaking even with the investment cost, I feel it’s going in the right direction. Obviously you need be educated about mining difficulty and block reward rather than just the price on the bitcoin against your currency, as there are several factors to consider including timing. No get rich scheme here, just another investment opportunity that you take with the same care and diligence as any other investment

source: http://bittrust.org/hashing24

a user named 4fxman stated that:

Hashing24 is another legit website. They actually own mining equipment and offer real services for cloud mining. The use Scrypt for their mining which is considered a bit better than sha-256. But don’t take my word for it, do your own research. Minimum withdrawal in 0.001 BTC which you can accumulate quickly with around 2 Gh/s of power.

source: http://bittrust.org/hashing24

Most of the comments that we found on bittrust are good. However, upon checking trustpilot.com we found unhappy customers.

Ryan Higgins Mentions that:

Be very careful on buying of this …
Be very careful on buying of this company. They continually increase prices, this has nearly doubled in 6 months. They are just trying to bleed money out of people.

source: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/hashing24.com

Another use with the name of Ahmed Omar said that:

It’s totally scam in a shaped of legitimate Company, their process will act just to steel your money without notice the only way to get reasonable profit of your mining is when you have the prices of BTC exceeds 20K USD otherwise you will loose your money in daily maintenance scam fees because it’s the heights among all other platforms which they intended to have to be the same in order to let you loose your money, in addition if you were trying to withdraw funds they will deduct 0.001 BTC per transaction where you will find yourself in a total scammy process, stay away of them guys.

source: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/hashing24.com

There is a saying that you will not know until you tried it yourself. So, you be the judge. Happy mining!.

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