How to clean and maintain your ASIC mining rig?

ASIC miners perform best when they are in good condition, dirt and other unnecessary small objects may break your mining rig or it may affect your asic miner’s performance and lifespan,  the dirt or dusts may make your fans to run slow and dust may coat the heatsinkers of the chips and affect the cooling system of the whole mining rig. So we would like to give some tips on how to clean and maintain you asi mining rigs.

  1. If you are going to clean your asic miner, you may start by removing both of the fans of your machine, front and rear and clean off any dirt and dust build up on the blades of the fan.
  2. Next is remove the main cover and clean again any dust build-up that you can found on the heatsinks, you can use a paintbrush or toothbrush to clean it, do not use any liquid cleaning material on your machine as it may cause short circuit on your ASIC miner. You can use an air compressor to clean your miner but use it with care.
  3. Do not remove the heatsinks or any parts that you have no idea on how to install back.

Put your asic miners in a clean space so it doesn’t get to much dust. ASIC miners doesn’t need to be cleaned frequently, you may clean it every 5 months or so.

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