Is Hashflare Scam? – User’s Comments

Hashflare is a cloud mining company that has been around for so long just like genesis mining. There good and bad reviews about the company and we put some of the comments here.

according to “marcus pemer”:

Huge, massive thumbs down to will claim they have to verify your identity before they allow you to withdraw any crypto currency beyond (minimal) daily and monthly limits – and then they will simply not process your identity documents, meaning they will hold your account indefinitely. Mine has been held this way for two months now, despite the fact that I submitted valid identity documentation. Take my advice and don’t give any money – based on my experience they will steal it. It will take me years to withdraw my balance given the current limits – which in my book equals plain and simple theft.

Plasmide56 uploaded an image and stated that:

Worst investment ever. The fee increase as the bitcoins price decline. While my contract of 1 years still ongoing, HashFlare did stop paying the investors (renters). In short, at 800 usa $ per Bitcoins, the HashFlare fee were 80% of the Th/s rented. So I was left with 20$ per day. Really not good at all. At 11 000 USA $ the profit after the fee was 40%. This company It’s a scam mining company like Avatrade Bitcoins future exchange. With or without regulation, these companies making profit only for themselves. They love money deposit, but one way or the order, they don’t want to share fairly. Don’t listen to the HashFlayre CEO on You Tube, he is just a puppet place to answer with lies to protect his job. This is why mining and ICO is just 99% scam.
Use Binance exchange to make profit. Up to 2 Bitcoin of withdraw without proof ID and citizenship. 0.25$ (25 cents) per trades fee no matter the size of the trade. B i n a n c e withdrew really good and It’s a good crypt exchange.
PS: In investment you never know, even with collective stock market products. This time I know this product is toxic and is a scam.

Every Company has bad comments but despite that, they also have good reviews from their users

Manrique Gustavo answered these questions from G2:

Reliable Cloud mining

What do you like best?
Hashrates this mining is very easy to use is very simple although to upload the personal picture is a process which I do not understand well, but what I like is that good profits are generated after your initial investment you get gains 6 to 8 months later and without mentioning how reliable this mining is.
What do you dislike?
I have made a profit with this mining in the cloud for this reason I have no reason that I may dislike the only thing that their maintenance fees are a little high and I would like to have more cryptocurrency options to mine
Recommendations to others considering the product:
as a recommendation to this application would be to have more cryptocurrency mining options to invest in the different options that exist in this world of cryptocurrencies
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
one of the best benefits that Hashflare has given me is the confidence to invest in a secure page and also a good profit in BTC after my initial purchases of mining power.

My assumptions

Every company has good and bad publicities, no company is perfect but whats important is they resolve every issue that they encounter and improve their services. It’s up to you if you are going to invest on their company.

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