New Cloud Mining Company from Ottawa Canada Gominer Scam or Legit?

Gominer cloud mining company

Who is Gominer and what makes them special?

Gominer cloud mining company from Ottawa Canada will be starting their pre-selling period in less than a month from now according on their social media accounts like facebook and twitter. People from cryptocurrency community are getting excited specially people in Canada who knows their company for long.

According to the information that we gathered from different people from different websites and etc, this company has been mining cryptocurrencies for a long time but doesn’t offer their services to the public, but recently, the company announced that they will be offering their services for the public, and that announcement made people excited.

So is Gominer scam or legit?

If we are going to talk about the company alone, then the answer is YES, but if we are going to talk about if their services are legit then i think its a bit too early to talk about that because they are not operating yet. So we did a research about their company and services and how can we determine if they are legit or not.

There are multiple reviews, statements, listings, articles, press releases proving that this Gominer is a legitimate company. The most trusted and effective way to check if a company is legitimate is by checking through these kind of websites because getting listed on these sites are very difficult as these they only lists accept legitimate companies or services.

These websites have a great impact about companies legitimacy and visiting these websites may help you check if this company is legitimate or not.

Statements of people about Gominer

On the other hand, here are some of the statements that we have gathered about this company.

According to Kiana Lance, a user from Quora, answering a question “Can you trust the GoMiner Cloud mining company?”

“If we are going to base on their company alone, then the answer is definitely YES, Gominer is known in most of the parts of Canada, specially Ottawa and Toronto, they are a registered company in Canada and there are multiple reviews about their company and most of the things that i read are mostly positive.

According to one of the review that i have read, their company are giving discount flyers with code at the moment near their office in Ottawa, i currently live in Cali so i cant get some of those flyers, i wonder what those are for.

The best advice that i could give is check their website and do some research.”

(Source: Quora – )

Another question from quora asking “What is the most secured cloud mining company?”

Douglas Williams answered:

“this question has been very common and answers are lying around all over the internet. To be honest, of course i would say genesis mining because they have been around for so long. But there are few options as well like Gominer, hashflare and hashing24.

But these days, Gominer has been creating a huge trend because of their amazing features i think, some of the things that i know is that they have mobile applications in android and iOS and even on windows.

So that is a great leap in terms of security. Another thing that i gathered is that they also distribute ASIC miners which called GMX R1-C somthing whatsoever that is very profitable at this time. I dont know the specification so you should go check it for yourself. here is their website – Gominer NEXT Generation Crypto Cloud Mining.

I dont have a firm idea about their prices and etc so checking it by yourself is easier.

(Source: Quora – )

A topic in reddit about “is cloud mining profitable?” A user named cryptomaniac202 stated:

“I will get straight to the point, you can earn in cloud mining but you have to be careful about it. do some research, and go only with the trusted cloud mining companies like genesis mining, hashflare or gominer. The best way to earn in cloud mining is by participating in the ICO because you can get the coins or token for a lower price so be sure to check them out. I currently have a running contract at genesis mining but im waiting for the launching of gominer. My friend, 95% of the people who earn in cloud mining and crypto will never ever tell you how they earn, instead, they will just say things like “dont” and “never”. The techniques are really simple my friend, invest and dont be greedy, always withdraw your earnings to be safe.”

(Source: Reddit)

Trust Reviews about Gominer:

Gominer can also be found on FoxyRatings which is a very high rank website about trust reviews.

Gominer on Foxy Rating

( Source: Foxy Rating – )

We also found a video of Gominer on youtube that presents an introduction about their company and mentions their services, equipments and et cetera. Here is their video.

Short Conclusion

As an investor myself, If i’m going to invest in a cloud mining service like this, ill make to sure to research just like what i did just now to make sure that my precious savings are going to be safe and sound. Finally, i’ll give this company a green flag for now but it may change in the future or may not, but at the moment, i’ll just have to wait so that i could try their services and I will make sure to post an update about their company in the future.

You can gather more information scattered through-out the internet so i suggest that you make more research.

What posted here are only some of the statements that we gathered but you can still find more info when you look up at google. You can also check their website yourself directly at for more detailed information.

Note: if you are connected to Gominer Company in any way and find that some of my statements are false, you can contact me directly for an appeal. Thank you.

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  3. Francia

    Hi! I saw this blog unintentionally i just want to know if gominer company will release their very own social media is that true?

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    Yeah you have a point, but the real answer is during the launching. For now we dont really know the facts.

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    Nice blog! It happens that i’m looking a way to check if Gominer is legit and i already check each of your link site to legit check gominer so far it’s true! Thank you for this very informative blogs,

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    when are they going to open? i have been waiting for ages.

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    You are cool bro! YOur Blog came into my realization that Gominer is not SCam! Thanks a lot for reassuring me that the company is legit!

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    is it already started? i’m waiting for more than a week!

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    Yeah definitely legit!

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    Now i know, I just need to wait their Pre-sale stage!

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    Do they have facebook page? or twitter?

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    When will they start their operation?? or is it already started i just don’t know how? can someone help me on this?

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    Can you write about Whitepaper and their mining system? or Videos how to mine here?

  15. Kenny21

    Overall this company got a high trust rating score so i’m sure it’s legit, But during Token Sale is another case.

  16. Hope this September this company will be open for the token sale. this is the best time to invest bitcoin for the coming hike.

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    This month is the best for the gominer for the token sale.

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    how nice, I am waiting for the opening. yes clark it is the time for them to open this month for the investment best profit for december.

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    Foxy rating is the best legitimacy checker that help’s me a lot in my past investment so i’m sure this gominer is legit also. But of course it all depends on the operation.

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    I think were done at waiting! check their site!

  21. Angie

    Is it true that they will launch by september 20? i saw it on their site!

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    I AM GLAD TO ANNOUNCE THAT THEY ARE LEGITIMATE!. I RECENTLY RECEIVED MY PAYOUT OF 10$. I only invested a little because im afraid, but now i am ready to invest more. please use my referral link to recieve 5% more token bonus and you may also recieve 0.5% of my weekly total earnings. —>

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