Solar power your asic miner

People who live in a very cold weather has an advantage in using their ASIC in mining, it’s simply because their cold weather helps in cooling their asic miners. But people who live in hot weather also have an advantage, and that is in terms of electricity by using solar power produced by solar panels. So, can you build a solar powered mining rig? of course. A single basic mining rig needs about 1500 watts of minimum power, to be able to power that mining rig, you need for about 3 square meters of solar panels to power your rig, but to make it efficient, i suggest that make it 5 meters so it will be more efficient. So if you live in a very hot and sunny weather, you have an advantage running your rig during the day because obviously, there are no sunlight or bright light during the night, so if you want to run your asic 24/7, use solar power during the day, and use the power provided by the wall socket at night. Before making any decisions, study and consider your local laws, because some country doesn’t allow solar panels.

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