Top 3 asic miners of 2018

#1 antminer S9

Created by bitmain, one of the largest blockchain mining products manufacturer and distributor in the world. Antminer S9 is bitmain’s top product of 2018, and also rated as the most energy efficient miner on the market of today, although this factor depends on your power supply and electricity cost. The bitmain antminer s9 mines sha-256 algorithm with 13.5 th/s at max and consumes 1323w of power.

#2 Avalon miner 761

Manufactured by Canaan company from china, with very good reputation from their past products, canaan is considered one of the best crypto product distributor of today. The Avalon 761 recieved a lot of good reviews from users. The Avalon miner 761 can produce 8.8 Th/s and consumes 1320W of power.

#3 Whatsminer M3

Whatsminer M3 was created by whatsminer pangolin company from china, buying an m3 includes power supply which will save you a lot of bucks, also, the m3 is an affordable machine and gives a decent amount of hashrate of 12.5 TH/s while consumes 1800w of electricity.

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