Top 5 USB ASIC miners of 2019

First of all, if you are going to buy a USB miner for the sake of profit, then you should think twice because, USB miners are not made to get huge profits, the possible profit you can earn by using USB miners is 1 dollar a year. If you are aiming to get profits by mining, you should consider cloud mining services or buying an ASIC miner machine such as Antminer s17, Avalon miner, Gominer GMX R1-C or any top ASIC miners today. But since we are talking about USB miners, we will list top 5 USB miners today.

#5. 21 Bitcoin Computer

In terms of hash rate, the 21 bitcoin computer doesn’t give much today, however this device is a good choice if you want to have a USB miner added to your collection.

#4 Bitmain Antrouter R1 Wifi Solo Bitcoin Miner

This device is not really an ASIC miner but it is similar on other aspects, in short, this miner is like a chunk of a real asic miner. What’s cool about this device is you can use it as a wireless router so you can mine while distributing internet at home, one of these devices can produce 5.5 GH/s.

#3 Avalon Nano 3

The Avalon nano from canaan company can produce 3.6 GH/s of hash power. The good thing about this device is you can plug it directly on your personal computer.

#2 Gekkoscience Compac USB stick

This mini miner can produce 9.5 GH/s and can earn $0.15 a month. This device can be overclocked and produce a maximum amount of 15 GH/s. One miner only consumes 3 watts which is less than a LED light bulb.

#1 Sapphire ASIC BTC Miner USB

Sapphire block erupters are said to be the first miners ever made, it can produce 330 MH/s of hash power and you may earn 0.01 USD a month but depends of the value of BTC and the difficulty of solving a block.

Mining with USB miners may not benefit you much if you are a serious miner and aiming for a profit, but having these as souvenirs or collection may be good. Be sure to research before buying one of these.

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