Top Mining Pools of 2019

To easily explain and understand what mining pool is, Mining pools are group miners who have their hashpowers computed together to easily solve a block. Here are some advantages when joining in mining pool.


  • Faster block solving leads to faster income than mining alone.
  • More Stable income
  • Ensures the network consensus for the miner of the user


  • Rewards are shared between users
  • Mining pool downtime or interruptions
  • Mining pool fees

Here are some of the best mining pools available.

  1. – A mining pool from china that mined 15% of all the blocks
  2. Slush – A mining pool that currently mines 11% of all the blocks
  3. Antpool – The mining pool from bitmain that created the antminers
  4. GMX Pool – A mining pool from Gominer company that created the GMX R1-C.
  5. F2pool – another pool from china and has mined about 10% of the blocks
  6. ViaBTC – a chinese miners targeted mining pool.

Be sure to check the mining pool’s stability or name to lessen these disadvantages.

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