Upcoming ICO Gominer in less than a week

Who is Gominer Company?

Gominer is a Cryptocurrency company from Ottawa Canada that offers cryptocurrency investment services in the form of cloud mining, staking and more. The company also manufactures ASIC miner machines that mines cryptocurrency called the GMX R1, this machine can mine multiple currencies such as Bitcoin, Siacoin, Dashcoin and more. The company has been featured on multiple conventions and forums and even in articles in newspapers in Canada.

The Company is said to be mining cryptocurrencies for a long time but never offer cloud mining services for customers. This company is said to be the first token based cloud mining company because it offers multiple investment options which made them famous in the cryptocurrency industry.

Lately, Gominer announced on their social media accounts that they will be finally launching in less than 5 days from now, at exactly Sept 20, 2019. This is a good news for cryptocurrency industry and even people who doesn’t have an idea in cryptocurrency but wants to invest and earn.

How do I earn in Gominer?

Gominer has multiple investment options such as their main service which is the Cloud Mining, but other than that, they also have Staking, Bounty / Referral, Exchange in the future and more. We will be discussing options one by one in able for us to understand clearly.

1. Cloud Mining

You can mine cryptocurrencies without the need of having a physical ASIC miner, this saves you from the hassle of having to maintain an expensive ASIC miner at your home that costs for around 2000 USD which is noisy, huge electricity eater and massive heat producer. With cloud mining, it is simply renting an ASIC miner from this company where you will just pay for its maintenance fees.

How much will i earn on cloud mining?

By checking their mining calculator, we found out that Gominer gives a percentage of up to 10% or your investments income a day for straight 14 days, and on the 15th day until your contract finishes, they give an income of up to 3% of your investment a day.

Your income from day 1 to day 14 which is 10% a day will be reduced to up to 3% a day because on you will have to pay maintenance fees on your 15th day to your final date. In short, they give 14 days free maintenance fees or which they call “free electricity fees”.

ie. Investing 1000 USD will make me earn 100 USD a day for straight 14 days, and on my 15th day, i will may earn 30 USD a day until my final day of cloud mining.

2. Staking

This is another form of investment in Gominer company where you may invest your tokens and you will receive a percentage of your total investment a day for 14 days. Unlike Cloud mining which has 1 year contract, staking only requires 14 days to claim your investments together with your rewards. You can claim your rewards anytime but you can only claim your investment after 14 days, this is how Gominer Staking works, unlike from other company’s staking where you can only claim your rewards and investments after 14 days, in Gominer, you can claim your earnings anytime.

How much can i earn on staking?

Gominer stated that they give investors 2% of their total investments a day and increases for up to 4% a day on your 7th week of staking. Imagine that you are going to invest 1000 tokens, each day, you will receive 20 tokens a day and will increase for up to 40 tokens a day.

You can use this formula for detailed and better understanding

  • 1st Week is 2% x 10% = 2.2%
  • 2nd Week is 2% x 20% = 2.4%
  • 3rd Week is 2% x 35% = 2.75%
  • 4th Week is 2% x 50% = 3.0%
  • 5th Week is 2% x 70% = 3.4%
  • 6th Week is 2% x 85% = 3.7%
  • 7th Week is 2% x 100% = 4.0%

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